5 Things to Remember While Building

your own Responsive Website

Whether a website is being viewed on computers or phones, or being browsed with a touch screen or a mouse, it should function properly and look fluid as well. This is what known as responsive website design. According to search engine giant -Google’s suggestion, a responsive design allows using a single link to share your website in social media platforms and also makes your site easily crawl-able by Google bots. Rather than following identical functionalities and appearance, consistency should be followed to get the design right.

White Spaces should not be left unused

Make sure your website has an unswerving outline across all the devices. Aside from image size, the placement of texts should also adapt nicely. White spaces are negative spaces, which should not be left unused. Try using that space for brand logo, relevant images or content placement.

Logo Placement to suit the dimension

While getting your website designed by a web designing company in Bangalore, don’t forget to ask about the addition of individual elements layout that will suit the dimension of the screen. Also ask to position the brand logo correctly, so that it will look well-placed, no matter the devise people use to visit your website.

Choosing a flourishing website design company in Bangalore has many advantages. They allow you to leave the hard work on their geeky, nerdy designing team, who will turn your ideas into your web identity. Experienced designing professionals are aware of what hot and what’s not and they speak the designing lingo effortlessly. In addition, they will communicate face to face and delivers best outcomes and offer you with the information that is essential to let you know the status of your project.

Portrait and Landscape Layout

While portrait layout works best for smart phones and tablets, a landscape layout work best for a desktop, laptop and all those wide screen displays. As many experienced designers demonstrate, building the website in both landscape and portrait layout for each device can pass on the important information in a clear and crisp way.

Design that encourage users to scroll

Discuss with your web designers about your exact requirements, so that they can build a scroll worthy and “oh so clickable!” website. Users should scroll the website like a gourmand wants to reach the bottom of the wine bottle. While scroll works best on desktop, Smartphone users won’t be willing reach the bottom as it involves too much scrolling. To eliminate this, get your website designed in such a way that it should offer a fine drop and all the texts lined up- important texts about the brand or company.

Make sure your website has an unswerving outline across all the devices.

Choose the best designers

Choose web designers who know web designing inside out, down to the smallest details. Their work process should respect all designing’s best practices. Additionally, they should focus on creating fully customized solutions for clients requiring responsive designing experiences, impeccably integrated with back-end processes, and in-sync with promotional strategies and creative merchandising.

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