Top SEO trends to know about

in 2018

In today’s digital sphere, online marketing is backed by strategies that provide a competitive boost to companies allowing them to evolve quickly. SEO (search engine optimization) is one such tool that finds extensive application in digital marketing. When it is combined with the latest technology, it ensures winning rankings for the company in the Search Engine Result Pages (or SERPs).

SEO services provided by a Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore assists a business to improve a company’s chances of being positioned on the first page of Google search results. It also helps to increase the likelihood of driving more users to the company website and creates the site offering high quality and relevant information for the searchers as well as the search engines. A sound SEO strategy would help a company improve its lead generation efforts even without investing a lot of money.

SEO trends to be on the lookout in 2018

Increasing popularity of audiovisual content over static ones

With time, online interactions have become much more visible. Over the past years, fast internet speed, user-friendly social platforms have led to the upsurge of searches for visual content more than anything else. Hence, it is the right time to invest more in creating interactive content for businesses instead of static posts.

The dominance of knowledge graph

Recently, there has a been a steady decline of featured snippets in the Search Results of Google, which was a popular aspect provided by the Search Engine back in the day. Coping with the demands of current digital marketing trends, Google has now replaced relevant answers for questions searched by their users.

The dominance of relevant answers over featured snippet is Google’s strategy to ensure the dominance of its Knowledge Graph. The shift is the first step taken by the tech giant towards providing their users more relevant results in minimum time.

The rise of Voice Search

The launch of Amazon Echo, Google Home added fuel to the fire to the already surging sales records for smart speakers from back in 2017. Now, in 2018, the sale will probably rise as more models are likely to emerge in the near future. The smart speakers conduct search queries over the internet after the user’s voice activates the same. Here, the user is presented with an aural result for the query the user presents to the speaker via voice.

People are getting used to interacting with smart assistants and meeting their
requirements with assistance from such devices using voice. The ever-increasing
popularity of voice searching is reshaping the operational modes of businesses drastically.

Changes in rankings due to individual customization

Since the last decade, Google has been stressing on the development of personalized search results according to an individual’s search habits. They wanted to provide customized searching experience to their customers where the SERPs will be tailored as per their preferences.

With the advent of smart speakers and increased preference of voice searches over traditional searching makes it difficult for anyone that how a company might rank on the internet.

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